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5 Offline Places to Find Luxury Travelers

1. Local schools.

2. Professional services.

3. Local luxury retailers.

4. Arts community.

5. Luxury establishments.

Source: TMR

Five Tips for Selling to the Affluent

1. Experience the world and the products you’re selling. Travel kills prejudice. There is never an end to education.

2. Keep pace with global luxury trends and tastes.

3. Set goals and have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you might not get where you want to go.

4. Listen more and talk less. Get to the value part of the conversation.

5. Don’t waste time, close the sale. Ask them, “So, do you want to book in June?” or “Which cabin did you prefer again?” 

Source: Larry Pimentel

Airports with the Fastest Free WiFi

1. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

2. Denver International Airport

3. Calgary International Airport

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

5. San Francisco International Airport

Source: Chron

Best Airlines in the World

1. Qatar Airways

2. Lufthansa

3. Etihad Airways

4. Singapore Airlines

5. South African Airways

Source: Newsweek


Best Cities to Celebrate Pride Month

1. New York

2. London

3. Madrid

4. San Francisco

5. Paris

Source: Airbnb

Top Things to Do in Portland

1. Forest Park

2. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

3. Voodoo Doughnut

4. Portland Japanese Garden

5. Portland Art Museum

Source: Parade

Best Rooftop Bars in Europe

1. Skajo, Freiburg, Germany

2. Park, Lisbon

3. Frank’s Café, Peckham, London

4. Konak Café, Istanbul

5. La  Pedera, Barcelona

Source: The Guardian

‘Wow’ Factors of Norwegian Bliss

1. Horizon Lounge in The Haven.

2. Electric car race track.

3. Beatles cover band.

4. Showtime at the theater.

5. Q, Texas Smokehouse.

Source: TMR

Four Tips for Chasing Success in Travel

1. Travel, travel, travel.

2. Don’t shy away from mistakes.

3. Learn from those around you.

4. Be persistent.

Source: TMR

Where Influencers Are Spending their Summers

1. Positano, Italy

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Lake Como, Italy

4. Taha’a, French Polynesia

5. Mallorca, Spain

Source: Forbes