Airlines Attempt Second Fare Increase of 2016

JetBlue Airways kicked off the second air fare increase attempt of the year on Feb. 3, with a $6 roundtrip hike, according to FareCompare.

Delta matched first, followed by American, which expanded the increase to more routes. On Feb. 4, United matched the hike.

FareCompare said it is “too soon to call” whether the hike will stick. A key factor often is Southwest’s reaction.

Like the first attempt of the year, which was successful, this is “a broad-based fare increase affecting both business and leisure travelers,” FareCompare said.

-- Michele McDonald

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Sometimes people stop and think. They have to get over the fee. But when we tell them we are going to take the guesswork out of their entire trip and give them a cell phone on arrival that will allow them to call us whenever they want, we win.

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