Avanti Launches Educational E-Brochure for Travel Advisors Selling the Galapagos

by Jessica Montevago
Avanti Launches Educational E-Brochure for Travel Advisors Selling the Galapagos

The e-brochure includes information on the different animal species that are only found in the Galapagos, together with a map showing where each of the unique animal species can be seen. Photos: Avanti

Avanti Destinations has launched a 34-page, educational e-brochure on how to sell custom-tailored vacations to the Galapagos Islands.

The guide explains the different logistics and regulations that come with booking this destination, as well as a map of the archipelago indicating which Galapagos wildlife species can be seen on which islands. Descriptions and photos of the different birds and animals are included. The e-brochure is available on Avanti’s agent portal and can be downloaded and shared with clients.

“The Galapagos are one of our three top-selling destinations in South America, and sales have been growing at a steady pace for the past 10 years,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s executive chairman. “We offer a wide range of choices, including a variety of expedition-style smaller vessels – accommodating anywhere from under 10 to 100 passengers. In addition, there are wonderful island-hopping options that have been selling well, where clients cruise between the islands during the day and stay in hotels overnight. For clients wanting a more relaxing alternative, we have land-based options.”

Cruises are the most popular method to get around, as they are more efficient and allow travelers to reach more islands. Galapagos cruises range in length from three to seven nights. Agents must book at least one night pre-cruise, as flights to the Galapagos leave from either Guayaquil or Quito (via Guayaquil), and flights from the U.S. usually arrive late at night. Avanti recommends two nights pre- and one night post-cruise, although it is possible to return to the U.S. on the same day as a Galapagos cruise ends.

Avanti Tour Operator Cruise Galapagos
A map of the archipelago shows which wildlife species can be seen on which islands.

The government of Ecuador strictly regulates the number of visitors allowed in the Galapagos at any point and requires that every group of tourists have a licensed naturalist guide for most sites. Because the limited number of cruises and hotels fill up fast, Avanti recommends agents book clients early, up to a year in advance.

The e-brochure points out that the Galapagos are ideally suited for families, active travelers, and honeymoons or romantic vacations. The climate is warm all year-round, but between December and May, the temperatures are highest and the waters calmest, making it the best time to snorkel. The cooler temperatures, June through November, are better for those wanting to hike.

Other helpful tips in the e-brochure include: how to pick the most appropriately sized and type of ship for each client; required fees; baggage limits on flights to and from the islands; suggestions for what to pack; the importance of carrying cash (ATMs are few and far between); useful Spanish phrases; voltage requirements; and other information.

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