Canada Extends State of Emergency Travel Advisory for Jamaica

by Daine Taylor
Canada Extends State of Emergency Travel Advisory for Jamaica

Canada has extended its travel warning for Jamaica. Photo: 

Canada has extended its travel warning to Jamaica, telling its citizens to exercise caution when traveling to the island because of an increase in the risk of violence in certain areas throughout the country.

“Due to a significant increase in violent crime since the beginning of the year, the Jamaican government has declared a state of emergency effective until Oct. 28, 2019, for St. James parish, which includes Montego Bay, Hanover parish, and Westmoreland parish, which includes Negril,” according to the Canadian advisory.

“A state of emergency, in effect until Oct. 5, 2019, has also been declared for St. Andrew parish, which includes areas of Kingston. During this period, security forces have been given increased rights to conduct searches, seizures, and detain persons of interest. Curfews may also be imposed without notice.”

For those who are planning to visit these areas, it is recommended that travelers carry valid ID at all times; avoid going outside of resort areas after dark and walk around in groups; cooperate with local authorities; and monitor local news to stay up-to-date on how the situation evolves.

Tourists should also avoid taking public transit and unmarked taxis, and should be particularly cautious when paying with a credit card or using an ATM.

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