Three Airlines Deploy Sabres Merchandising Solutions
Three Airlines Deploy Sabres Merchandising Solutions

Three Airlines Deploy Sabre’s Merchandising Solutions

Three more airlines have signed up to use Sabre Travel Network’s merchandising solutions.

Alitalia and Finnair will enable travel agents to shop, book and ticket the airlines’ ancillary products through the Sabre GDS and to track and reconcile the purchases using the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).

South African Airways will distribute its branded fares through the Sabre GDS and will offer ancillary products using the EMD solution.

ANZ went first
Air New Zealand, which pioneered the fare family concept –– fares that are bundled with specific services –– became the first airline to adopt Sabre’s EMD solution in July, enabling travel agents to sell the carrier’s pre-paid bag checking to travelers.

The airline plans to add more ancillary products in the future. It began distributing its branded fares through Sabre last year.

Proof of purchase
The EMD’s technology standards were developed by ARC, IATA and ATPCO for the sale and management of ancillary products.

They serve as proof of purchase to ensure delivery of products, such as a better seat or an upgraded meal.

That proof is particularly important if a flight is canceled and the passenger is transferred to another aircraft, which may not have the seat available.

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