Quick guide to New Zealand
Quick guide to New Zealand

Quick guide to New Zealand

From towering mountains and golden beaches to chic cafés and world-class shopping, this island paradise really does have it all. New Zealand is a premium destination that caters for travelers of all tastes, from the adventurous to those seeking cultural experiences, luxury and relaxation. Whatever the travel type - cruise, coach or self drive- this makes it an ideal destination to visit, and it makes selling travel to New Zealand that much easier.

Key selling points:
- It’s just an overnight 12hr flight from Los Angeles and San Francisco
- New Zealand is the size of the state of Colorado so its easy to see a lot in a relatively short space of time
- Positive exchange rate
- English speaking – although they do have funny accents!
- Unique natural attractions and activities
- Golf - More than 400 courses nationwide, New Zealand is a golfer’s paradise
- Food and Wine - A gourmet heaven, with plentiful fine restaurants and cafes, tasting trails and vineyard venues set in stunning natural    surroundings.
- Easy to combine with other South Pacific destinations such as Australia, Fiji or Tahiti
- Ideal Cruise destination with cruise lines taking in a new port every day. The cruise season runs from October – April.

- The official currency is the New Zealand Dollar
- All international credit cards are accepted
- ATM card work as long as they are encoded with a four-digit PIN prior to leaving home and have the Plus, Maestro or Cirrus symbol on the back

- New Zealand is subtropical in the North and temperate in the South
- Opposite seasons to North America
- Warmest months are Dec – Feb, the coolest, Jun – Aug.

Eating Out
- Delicacies include lamb, venison, beef, seafood, cheese, honey and kiwifruit
- New Zealand is on the Pacific Rim and the restaurants are famous for their fusion cuisine of Asian, European and other international influences
- Restaurant kitchens normally close at 11pm
- Vegetarians are well catered for with most restaurants happy to adapt their menus.

- Key purchase: Traditional Maori carvings, sheepskin products, merino clothing, honey, wine and cheese
- Main shopping hours are 9.00am – 5.30pm and 10.00am – 4.00pm on weekends
- Late night shopping is usually available on Thursday and Friday
- Banks are closed on weekends, but ATMs are always open

What to wear
- The best way to dress is to wear layers/ Sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential in summer and warm gloves and a hat are advisable in winter
- New Zealand is the perfect Fly/Drive and self drive vacations
- New Zealanders drive on the left hand side of the road
- A current USA or Canadian driver’s license or International Drivers Permit is required.

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