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Travel Agents Mull Talking Points On Mexico's Tainted Alcohol Allegations

As State Department updates safety information for Mexico, travel agents consider the correct response for their customers.

New Products For Travel Agencies Top ARC Agenda

The Airlines Reporting Corporation will add two business intelligence products designed to help travel professionals spot sales trends, identify passenger patterns, pinpoint destinations of interest and analyze their air-travel spend.

Buying Time Is The Key To Happiness

Yes you can buy happiness, the scientists say. The happiest people in the world are those who can afford to pay someone – think, a travel agent! – to do their chores.

Rise Of Independent Hotels: An Opportunity For Travel Agents

Travel professionals understand what a client wants and what a hotel has to offer -- and that makes for a perfect match.

Travel Agents Are In Vogue. Literally.

The industry is abuzz as the famous fashion magazine says the use of travel agents is back in style among the world's cognoscenti.

California Invests In Agent Tool To Help Sell Curated Trips

The state's tourism agency has upgraded its training and sales tools because it feels travel agents are best able to sell authentic experiences.

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