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5/25/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

USTOA echoes The Hawaii Tourism Authority in stressing that the volcanic activity is happening on a remote part of the island, a great distance from popular tourist areas.

5/24/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

Orlando leads the world in theme park attendance, with Asia just a step behind in the quest to attract the highest market share.

5/24/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

Guests will be virtually transported to a galaxy far, far away at the new attractions and in their hotel accommodations.

5/23/2018  |  by David Cogswell

A look at four different hotels, providing a sampling of the diversity of the country, its people, cultures, landscapes and its accommodations.

5/22/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

Dorado Beach joins two other high-end properties, the El San Juan Hotel and St. Regis Bahia Beach, welcoming guests again in October.

5/22/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Many of the myths about Cuba — the food, the tourism infrastructure, the attitude of locals toward tourism, and even the availability of WiFi — have been turned on their head over the last few years.

5/21/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

Stop trying to change consumers' perceptions of what a travel agent is or does. Instead, focus on changing the perspective of who you are.

5/21/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

New research says couples who have a destination wedding are more satisfied with their happy day than those who have a close-to-home wedding.

5/21/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

Advisors can now earn a group booking bonus. 

5/18/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

The hotelier will debut four new properties in Spain next year, in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Mallorca.