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11/3/2017  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Travel agents are busy a lot. But they need to step back regularly to see the big picture.

3/13/2017  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Travel agent sales continue to grow, ASTA reports.

8/21/2015  |  by Barbara Peterson

While some travel agents report feeling pressured to buy suppliers’ travel insurance, many tour ops contend that their bespoke programs are tailored with the clients’ interests in mind, based on longtime experience in the market.

8/3/2015  |  by Barbara Peterson

Given that tour packages often require a substantial financial commitment well in advance of departure, travel agents selling tours invariably recommend that clients purchase travel insurance. But what’s the better choice for insurance—that offered by tour operators or by travel insurance companies?

1/7/2015  |  by Barbara Peterson

Selling travel insurance can be difficult for many reasons: clients may not want to hear about world disasters when booking their dream trip, premiums can be high, and travel agents may face red tape. Still, agents say the profit potential makes it worth it.

2/13/2014  |  by Robin Amster
Travel agents, along with suppliers, are the biggest sellers of travel insurance. But travel agents could be selling a lot more, says the head of that industry’s association.
12/10/2012  |  by Dr. Robert Joselyn, CTC
While sales at many travel agencies are improving, the booking cycle is lengthening, creating cash flow problems, especially for undercapitalized agencies. A well-managed business predicts its cash needs in advance and is prepared to deal with them. Consultant Robert Joselyn shows how it’s done.
12/6/2012  |  by Andrew Sheivachman
The need for cruise-focused agents to expand into areas such as insurance and land vacations was emphasized at the Cruise Planners-American Express 2012 National Conference. Agents were also advised to expect upcoming price fluctuations and to drive bookings while demand is high.
11/8/2012  |  by Maria Lenhart
While Hurricane Sandy is certain to bump up travel insurance sales, travel agents have played a long-term role in the growth, says an insurance exec. She discusses the trends, including the best reasons for buying travel insurance, and provides tips on helping clients through the claims process.
9/17/2012  |  by Dr. Robert Joselyn, CTC
Not selling travel insurance does a disservice to client and agency alike, says consultant Bob Joselyn. Yet an appalling number of agencies fail to sell insurance consistently. He examines the reasons why, explains why selling insurance is so important and outlines steps to selling more.
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