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4/26/2017  |  by Anne Dimon

Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu, a new upscale resort built around the Japanese onsen (hot spring) opened this week in the town of Hakone, Japan. Surrounded by Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park near Mount Fuji, the popular destination and designated geopark is located about a two-hour drive/train ride from Tokyo.

The resort’s most unique feature is that all 150 Japanese-style guest rooms have private, open-air, hot spring baths. Other facilities include two large onsen, a hot spring-themed amusement park, a renowned botanical garden, a spa and two on-site Japanese restaurants.

The developer, Fujita Kanko has been operating resorts in Hakone for more than 60 years.

4/24/2017  |  by Anne Dimon

Spa vacations are alive and well—and demand is soaring.

3/13/2017  |  by Anne Dimon

For the first time, the Art of Living Retreat Center and Shankara Ayurveda Spa is offering a travel agent program and a travel agent fam trip in the last weekend of March.  

2/10/2017  |  by Anne Dimon

U.S. wellness industry stats and trends bode well for wellness sector agent specialists. 

1/13/2017  |  by Anne Dimon

Accor hopes to redefine the luxury segment—and is ‘reviewing, revamping and re-launching’ its rewards program for luxury agents who help sell it.

12/16/2016  |  by Anne Dimon

Wellness retreats at mainstream hotels and resorts create more products for agents to sell.

10/28/2016  |  by Anne Dimon

A healthy growth spurt in wellness-oriented travel brings more supply to meet a growing demand.

10/7/2016  |  by Anne Dimon

DMCs look to strategic initiatives to position and promote their destinations for wellness.

9/2/2016  |  by Anne Dimon

New products will debut on land and at sea in 2017 for the luxury end of the wellness niche. Anne Dimon highlights the best of them in her monthly column.

7/25/2016  |  by Anne Dimon

Top trends point to a broadening customer base and more options—and therefore, more need for a professional guidance.

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