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10/20/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Codesharing increases airline load factor, doubles U.S. passenger traffic.

10/13/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Budget maverick Southwest Airlines is setting its sights on one of the most coveted U.S. markets: California to Hawaii. 

10/11/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

The news comes two months after the airline declared bankruptcy when one of its major stakeholders, Etihad Airways, said it would stop subsidizing the airline.

10/2/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Premium economy class product is an “enormous” success, CEO says.

9/26/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Findings boost case for using TMCs and agencies to manage corporate T&E programs.

9/18/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Harvey, Irma, and more storms have forced airlines to lower expectations for 2017 as some consider passing on losses to consumers.

9/6/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Austrian is joining the premium fray as research indicates that passengers are willing to pay for the upgrade.

9/1/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Sabre has garnered support from key industry groups in its fight to overturn a jury’s ruling in a six-year-old antitrust case brought by US Airways.

9/1/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Thanks to its merger with Virgin America, Alaska Airlines will enjoy closer ties to Singapore Airlines. The two lines have entered into a codeshare agreement, which expands Singapore’s existing arrangement with Virgin to include flights on Alaska as well.

Singapore’s SQ code was already on 19 Virgin America flights to 19 destinations in the U.S.; the new pact not only continues that arrangement, but extends it to Alaska flights to 18 cities in the U.S. and Mexico. The deal, which requires regulatory approval, also includes reciprocal frequent flier benefits; as of Sept. 27, each airline’s loyalty plan members will be able to earn miles on the other carriers’ flights.

8/21/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Move over Norwegian: More European-based airlines are increasing their service to the U.S. to capitalize on growing demand and new longer-range single-aisle jets.  

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