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1/19/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

American's 2018 schedule includes 52 new nonstop flights to domestic and international points.

1/5/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

American, Delta and United said they would continue to defend themselves against the charges.

1/2/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

Thousands of international travelers arriving were stuck on long lines at major U.S. airports New Year's day.

12/22/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Experts are calling the power failure a wake-up call to the industry.

12/20/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Gary Kelly promises customers will benefit from tax savings, and bags will continue to fly free.

12/18/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

A black-out at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, a major connecting hub for air travelers, led to hundreds of flight cancellations. 

12/4/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

BA is shutting down its ten-year-old subsidiary, Open Skies, which currently flies between New York and Paris.

11/30/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

The glitch could potentially leave as many as 15,000 flights without a crew. 

11/29/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Almost 75 percent of U.S. travelers use agents, but agents may soon be working with artificial intelligence to enhance their client's booking experiences.

11/27/2017  |  by Barbara Peterson

Amadeus exec says travelers need agents to help them make smart travel choices.

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