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9/18/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Cruising really took off when travel agents could book itineraries electronically, say partners Trisept and Adventurelink. Now guided tours have the same option.

9/18/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

From breaking into the luxury cruise market to marketing business, there were tips for virtually every kind of agent, big or small, home-based or brick-and-mortar.

9/14/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

A new technology, approved by the TSA, promises to keep “the traveling public moving through airports faster and safer than ever before.”

9/13/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Ski magazine recommends using a travel professional for a ‘seamless, stress-free trip.’

9/12/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Just days after Irma wreaked havoc on Florida's travel and tourism industry, the state's airports are starting back toward normal operations.

9/5/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Travel agency fees, once derided by the consumer press as an unnecessary expense for travelers, are gaining broader acceptance. “Great service comes at a cost,” writes Travel + Leisure.

8/31/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

‘Engagement at all levels,’ from the board to the chapter presidents to the consortia, worked magic, says CAC chair Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg.

8/31/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

With 1,000 travel agents, suppliers and executives in attendance, ASTA’s 2017 Global Convention was off and running in San Diego this week.

8/30/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Young people who start off working in the travel industry earn higher-than-average salaries.

8/29/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

The Lifetime Achievement Award is not an annual award; it is recommended periodically by ASTA’s Board of Directors to honor a travel-industry luminary “whose creativity, dedication and inspiration have advanced the travel and tourism industry.”