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2/24/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Check in to five rooms that share a couch and a pool table—and move over for Siri, who will turn on the TV.

2/24/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Thirty lucky travel agents will be invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico’s premier travel trade show; applications are due by Friday 3/2.

2/23/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Nine out of 10 employees never are tempted to cheat on their expense reports. It’s the other 10% you have to watch out for, says a new study.

“It’s consistently only 10% of travelers in any given organization generating nearly all instances of high-risk activity,” says Oversight Systems, an expense analysis company, in the latest Spend Analysis Report released this month. The report analyzed $11.1B in total spend from 50 million corporate-card transactions and 98 million expense-report transactions by nearly 600,000 travelers.

Spending on global business travel is on the rise, expected to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020, the report says; among its customers, “companies with a robust monitoring program saw a 9-percentage-point improvement in spend in high-risk categories, as compared to the average.”

2/22/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

At Trafalgar, new digs, new programs, new faces reach out to the travel-agent community; the search is on for BDMs in Texas and DC.

2/22/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

The chatter on Wall Street has turned into a fascinating prospect: that Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Group will buy an airline outright.

2/21/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Crystal Esprit got the trip of a lifetime last week as the yacht was called upon to rescue 12 French nationals who had abandoned their catamaran due to “fatal damage."

In “extremely inclement weather,” Esprit responded to a distress call in the Seychelles Islands, where three children and nine adults were floundering. Operating in darkness, heavy rain and high swells, the crew, along with the Seychelles Coast Guard, safely transferred the group onto a zodiac and then lifted them aboard the yacht.

2/17/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

There’s no do-over for a vacation gone wrong. Every moment of the time you take off from work to travel with family and friends is priceless. Here's how a professional travel agent can help.

2/16/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Think the future of travel is looking good? So apparently does the Oracle of Omaha, whose airline holdings in February helped make him the second-wealthiest man in the world.

2/14/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

The IRS ‘has not yet started certifying tax debt to the State Department’—but it soon will, it says.

2/6/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen acknowledges a long list of occasions—from Disney trips to honeymoons—when customers really are best served by a knowledgeable, professional, human travel agent.