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5/26/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Another reason to sign up for PreCheck looms.

5/24/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

The crash of water on rock makes for a unique immersive experience, TMR reports, as we take a sneak peek before the opening of the park tomorrow.

5/22/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Worried about how the economy will affect your business? Don’t be, says J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.’s CEO Jamie Dimon.

Dimon this weekend said he is optimistic about both the global and the U.S. economies under President Donald Trump.

“Japan is growing more than it has grown in 15 years, Europe is doing well all things considered, America is chugging along,” Dimon told Bloomberg TV on Saturday, while he was attending a Saudi-U.S. CEO forum held to coincide with Trump’s visit. “Even the International Monetary Fund, which is always warning about stuff, is saying the world will grow faster than expected.”

The Trump administration “wants to deregulate certain things, and most of us in business think that regulations have been holding back growth,” he added. “I’m still optimistic that you’ll have some regulatory reform. Even my Democratic friends understand that it makes sense to look at what was done, what can be done better, what can simplify the burden on businesses.”

5/18/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

With the grand opening of Volcano Bay water park just eight days away, Universal today announced new features for the TapuTapu wearable.

5/18/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

I’ll start with the ending, as I know that’s what everyone wants to hear. Yes, she is going to jail. And no, she did not respond to my request for an interview. But still, this is a tale that travel agents everywhere want to – and need to – hear.

5/16/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

What makes a great travel agent? When Insight Vacations invited TMR editor Cheryl Rosen to a dinner honoring its top-selling agents, we couldn’t resist asking the attendees just what it is they do that makes them so successful. Here’s what they said.

5/16/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

With unruly passengers disrupting airline service, travel agents have a role to play in reminding travelers that common courtesy is a priority when strangers meet in tight spaces.

5/15/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

On Friday, May 12, a massive cyberattack spread around the world’s computers. In just a few minutes, it had appeared in 99 countries, crippling the U.K. hospital system and hundreds of other systems but not doing much damage to U.S. companies.

Dubbed the WannaCry infection, it began with an attack through email, through a .zip file. When people clicked on the file, it spreading through internal networks using a P2P exploitation of SMB (Server Message Block) known as EternalBlue, explained ThreatTrack Security, Inc.

“The files are being dropped by a worm which abuses SMB, a network file sharing protocol. Other aspects of the malware leverages file-less exploitation techniques, and the malware is morphing rapidly in the wild with over a dozen variants seen thus far,” the company said.

The file extension used is .wncry, which drops a ransomware notification named: @Please_Read_Me@.txt in common file and folder locations.

Earlier this month, independent researchers scanned the internet and deemed there were 150,000 internet-accessible computers open to this vulnerability.

5/15/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

The iconic all-inclusive chain will host weekly fam trips in May and Travel Advisor Appreciation Month in June – kicking off with a ‘thank you’ trip to Punta Cana for its top-producing agents and agency owners. 


5/12/2017  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Business travelers based in Europe’s three largest business travel markets – Germany, the United Kingdom and France – increasingly are booking their travel direct with suppliers rather than through their companies’ travel agencies or travel booking tools, according to a new survey by the Global Business Travel Asssociation. And that will make it more difficult for their companies to ensure duty of care and cost savings, the study says.

The study, Booking Behaviour II, conducted in partnership with Concur, found nearly a third of business travelers in each country expect to use “alternative channels” more often in the next year.

“As alternative channels are increasingly used, travel programs may have reduced visibility into booking over time, facing greater difficulty ensuring duty of care and achieving cost savings,” said Monica Sanchez, GBTA Foundation director of research. “It’s important for travel professionals to plan for this growing trend in their programs – ensuring they capture and manage employee travel no matter where or how it was purchased.”

Similar to last year’s booking behavior study, this year’s study found that three in five business travelers with access to a corporate online travel booking system used it in the past year to book a work trip. Millennials are the least likely group to use a corporate system and surprisingly, high-frequency travelers are much more unlikely to use one than infrequent travelers.

Mike Koetting, executive vice president of supplier and TMC services at Concur, noted that “unmanaged direct bookings can undermine travel program benefits, policy enforcement, duty-of-care obligations and supplier contracts. With traveler behaviors unlikely to change, new solutions are necessary to capture and manage corporate travel spend.”