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7/5/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Thanks to Steve Jobs’ world-altering innovation, travel agents hold their futures in their own hands. No wonder more and more Millennials and older adults are choosing to become travel professionals.

6/22/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Marriott’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is diving into the yachting segment of the cruise market.

6/14/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Escorted tours have changed – and travel agents who aren’t selling what once were known as 'motorcoach tours' are missing out.

6/12/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Travel icon launches a 'new concept in expert-curated travel design.'

6/10/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Travel agents say email campaign asking top customers to book direct has gone too far.

5/17/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

In new research by TMR, agents report their luxury sales are growing 300% faster than the overall market.

4/10/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

BA's chairman says the leisure segment will be increasingly important.

3/29/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Top-producing travel agents didn’t pull any punches when asked what they need to increase sales to Mexico even more. And their suggestions varied widely. Part three in our coverage of the new TMR survey.

3/28/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

Coming off a record year of welcoming 35 million international visitors, Mexico is seeing strong growth in a number of key segments among North American travelers, U.S. and Canadian travel agents report in a new survey by Travel Market Report.

3/27/2017  |  by Doug Gollan

A new Travel Market Report survey shows North American travel to Mexico remains strong, political rhetoric notwithstanding.

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