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10/18/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

Successful travel advisors give tips on how to establish trust and become the travel confidant to the top 1-percenters.

10/16/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

Cruise Planners announced plans to provide artificial intelligence tools to its agents and their clients through Amazon’s Alexa-powered voice-activated devices, such as the Amazon Echo.

Starting Dec. 4, Alexa will be integrated with Cruise Planners’ next-gen reservations and CRM system, now called CP Maxx, allowing its agents to use Amazon devices as virtual assistants. Agents will be able to ask Alexa things like, “Alexa, ask CP Maxx to get payments for confirmation No. 200800742” and hear a reply like, “This reservation has $800 posted and a remaining balance of $11,345.12; the balance is due Oct. 26, 2017.”

Clients who enable a Cruise Planners skill on their Alexa-powered devices will be able to ask Alexa to perform tasks like retrieving details about their upcoming trips and contacting their travel agents. “Cruise Planners is the first host agency to step into the artificial intelligence game,” CEO Michelle Fee said during the opening session of Cruise Planners’ annual convention in Cancun on Sunday.

9/28/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

U.S. travel agents are getting onboard with a long-term recovery effort for the British Virgin Islands spearheaded by a U.K. destination specialist.

9/27/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

While many are contributing to immediate relief efforts in the Caribbean, Florida and Texas, some initiatives are focused on essential long-term recovery.

9/22/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

The hunger for both authentic and purpose-driven travel is creating a huge opportunity in the tour segment, but travel agent and consumer perceptions still lag, says Brett Tollman.

9/15/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

At this year’s annual gathering of the luxury agency network, Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch told agents “you’re the hottest new thing that never went away.”

9/8/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

Customer Success 2.0 focuses on the success of travel agents' corporate customers, with the end goal of improving customer retention.  

9/6/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

The mobile-friendly online learning platform encompasses more than 150 courses.

8/17/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

The dangerous dance between North Korea and the United States has kept much of the world on edge, travel agency clients included. But the impact on bookings has been limited.

8/15/2017  |  by Marilee Crocker

Italy, the U.K. and France, perennial favorites among U.S. travelers, will be the top three destinations, respectively, for affluent travelers during the remainder of the year, according to Virtuoso.

U.S. Virtuoso agencies' bookings for the fall months and holiday season reflect the consistent popularity of Europe, which occupies six spots on the Top 10 list. Spain ranks fifth among favored destinations, followed by the Netherlands (#8) and Germany (#9). Virtuoso travel advisors also reported strong sales to South Africa––the fourth most popular destination for the coming season. Also popular are Mexico (#6), Australia (#7) and China (#10). The findings, which are based on future travel plans of Virtuoso clients, were reported at Virtuoso Travel Network in Las Vegas this week.