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2/23/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Airline customers have implemented Rich Content & Branding, which provides travel agents with 'state-of-the-art abilities to show and sell all of their products, fares, fare families and ancillaries.'

2/22/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

After Delta—an airline that prides itself on its flight completion factor—endured a meltdown in August that inflicted pain for days, it decided it wasn’t taking the tyranny of technology lying down.

2/21/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

‘It is the responsibility of the travel agent or ticket provider to properly disclose the conditions of a Basic Economy fare to the traveler.’ 

2/17/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Airberlin has established a dedicated hotline for U.S. travel agents. The toll-free number is (1) 855 420-0614.

The service will offer prioritized support based on the IATA or agency number.

Agencies will be able to assume all end-customer bookings and rebookings and reserve optional extras.

Airberlin currently operates from Berlin to Chicago, Miami, New York, and, as of May, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It also operates from Dusseldorf to New York, Boston, Miami, Fort Myers, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and this year will add year-round services from Orlando to Dusseldorf.

2/16/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

A new full-content agreement establishes a framework for ongoing merchandising, branding and technology collaboration.

2/16/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Travel agency sales followed air fares on their upward trajectory in January, according to the Airlines Reporting Corp.

Agency sales were up 5.56% for the month, to $7,739,640,887. Air fares rose 5.95%, to $6,084,403,891.

The higher fares did not seem to dampen travelers’ enthusiasm for travel. International transactions rose 14.28%, to 5,077,242, and domestic transactions increased 9.96%, to 10,392,892.

2/16/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Remember when ‘airline food’ meant a full meal? Delta is bringing back food service to 11 cities.

2/8/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

“We are working to open new sources of revenue” for travel agencies, Sean Menke, who has been CEO of Sabre Corp. for 38 days, said in his opening remarks to analysts.

2/2/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Of the 35 destinations Delta serves from Cincinnati, the 13 most popular will experience improved schedules. 

1/25/2017  |  by Michele McDonald

Several airlines are adding flights to and from Houston to ensure that fans make it to Super Bowl LI.