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6/8/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

During a Washington Post-sponsored discussion this week, a key aviation committee chairman defended travel agent consumer regulatory concerns.

5/29/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Eight months after Hurricane Irma tore through the resort destination, travel agents and their colleagues pitched in to prepare it for the busy summer season.

5/21/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

New research says couples who have a destination wedding are more satisfied with their happy day than those who have a close-to-home wedding.

5/21/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Combining computer technology with old-fashioned hospitality, Montreal is intent on growing its annual overnight hotel stays by 1.5 million in the next five years.

4/30/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Training and certification in the family travel niche includes an online course that is open to all FTA agent members.

4/26/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has launched an inquiry into delays, cancellations, tarmac delays and lost, delayed and damaged baggage.

4/26/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Greece is looking to entice Americans beyond popular locales, which could enrich your clients and reward your agency.

4/25/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Consumers could miss out on deals and added value if they don’t have an experienced travel agent who knows how to snag Disney dining packages.

4/25/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Boston took the top spot in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 ranking as “Best Summer Vacation in the USA,” beating out typical perennial winners like Orlando and New York City.

4/24/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

The Mexican state encompassing Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, introduces the country’s first app offering 'security to tourists.'