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4/13/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

With the introduction of five economy fares, the carrier has added to the growing challenge for Canadian agents, that of explaining multiple fare options to consumers.

4/13/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

When clients shop for hotels on the internet, a travel agent’s life can become increasingly complicated and their credibility can be called into question. Will new technology help?

3/22/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Cambridge Analytica’s access to the data of tens of millions of Facebook users brings uncertainty to the future use of the social media platform for travel agents.

3/19/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Consumer advocate Chris Elliott has been solving problems for more than 20 years. He offers up the top six mistakes travelers make during a trip that have them writing him later on.

3/14/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Canada’s air transport and tourism industries are preparing for a banner 2018, with investments in infrastructure, route networks and security set to help better serve citizens and inbound tourists.

3/12/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Dueling speakers at the ASTA Premium Business Summit explained why airlines will add more seats in already stuffed cabins, and how Premium Economy is here to stay.

3/9/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Travel agent Diane Bean, up in Maine, thought ahead and guided her clients, in advance, to protect their family Disney vacation.

3/8/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

The airline launches new service to Kauai and doubles the frequency of its flights from Western Canada to Hawaii.

3/7/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Continuing the push to drive more Americans to visit Australia, the country’s Northern Territory is offering a $100 incentive.

3/7/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Each ASTA Chapter has the ability to sign up for a customized NexCite website for the chapter, using Passport Online’s tools.