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4/23/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

As a travel agent, check yourself to be sure you don't have any of these business-busting habits when you're interacting with clients each day.

3/21/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Perfect weather, top-notch food and drink, music, nature, Panama hats, the Canal, and more — Panama has all the makings of a great vacation.

2/12/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Forewarned is forearmed. Share these typical tourist scams, and practical tips to avoid them, with your clients.

1/9/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

What our canine companions can teach us about having the most satisfying travel experiences and providing the best customer service.

12/19/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

What travelers can do to be good global citizens, leaving destinations and the locals better for having been there.

12/7/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

TMR reporter on-the-ground in Onishima, Japan, tells travel agents the truth about what clients need to know as they explore the exotic island nation.

10/13/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

The Yukon is a great getaway for those who love outdoor adventure as well as those who cherish the sounds of silence.

10/2/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

An innovative way to expand your clients' horizons and re-invigorate their desire to travel.

8/24/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

Early on, I learned that 'Zivili,' the toast you make as you click glasses and drink, means 'be filled with life,' and that seemed to be the theme of our travels in Croatia.

7/21/2017  |  by Steve Gillick

It's your expertise in the world of travel that clients depend on, and therefore the more you know about travel options, the more credibility you have as a “Travel-the-World Specialist.”

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