Daily Top List
General Tip of the Day
They still rely on the expertise of travel agents. People thought that, with the internet, agents would disappear, but we know that is not the [case]. - Gonzalo del Peón, AMResorts
Tip of the Day 6/21

We, as advisors, have to start looking at different avenues that will pay better for us, so you can continue to at least be profitable.

Nicole Mazza, Travelsavers

Tip of the Day 6/11

As travel advisors, we have to be curious. Curiosity leads to impactful connections that pave our road to success.

Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing, Travel Planners International


Tip of the Day 6/1

“They start out as customers, and then become friends. I tell them, when they're on the East Coast, I will pick them up at the Amtrak station and they have a place to stay with me.” - Dina Dini, Travel Advisor

Tip of the Day 5/31

“We are often faced with obstacles that require us to change gears, such as 9/11, recessions, Zika, travel advisories, hurricanes, etc., and rather than tell ourselves how amazing it is that we ‘survived’ these devastating times, I prefer to put plans in place so that the impact of any future events are not so catastrophic.” - Jennifer Doncsecz, Travel Advisor

Tip of the Day 5/30

“People don’t buy travel every week. I want to make sure that when they buy, they buy from me. I don’t care how long they’re on my list. The biggest power of email is that it allows you to stay top-of-mind, so they don’t forget about you.” - Ron Cates

Tip of the Day 5/29

“A person’s opinion on what price is expensive or cheap is relative, so it is my job as their advocate and agent to get them the best experience for the right price for them!” - Chris Hornick, Travel Advisor

Tip of the Day 5/28

“Lots of agencies are making a lot of money selling groups because they build their group strategy around a passionate group or extend their passions into a group that wants to travel.” - Vanessa McGovern, GIFTE

Tip of the Day 5/27

“It’s my experience in traveling that talking firsthand about my travel experiences …experiencing local cultures and the technical side about how to get to and from places plays a big part. It’s a big plus.” - Don Forster, Goway Travel

Tip of the Day 5/26

“Millennials have a different mindset than other demographics. It’s important that travel agents get into the conversation and promote the value they bring to the travel experience.” - Dan Durazo, Allianz Global Assistance