ASTA Pushes for Greater Role for Travel Agents in TSA PreCheck Program

by Richard D'Ambrosio
ASTA Pushes for Greater Role for Travel Agents in TSA PreCheck Program

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The American Society of Travel Agents has joined a host of other leading travel industry organizations to push for support and passage of a bill known as the “TSA Modernization Act,” focusing on the roles agents can play in helping to screen travelers before they get to the airport.

In a letter this week to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, eight industry organizations pressed for passage of Senate Bill 1872, with a specific call to expand the TSA PreCheck Program, which provides for expedited screening for low-risk travelers.

The letter said the TSA Modernization Act “would give the agency new authority to explore alternative options and expand enrollment with third parties.”

Eben Peck, ASTA executive vice president, advocacy, said “ASTA strongly supports efforts to expand the PreCheck program to the broadest possible proportion of the flying public while maintaining a high level of security,” and stated “travel agencies can play a critical role in expanding PreCheck coverage.”

Agencies sell more than 50 percent of U.S. airline tickets and they “know who these ‘road warriors’ are and when, where and how often they fly,” Peck said.

More than five million travelers are enrolled in the PreCheck Program, and the author organizations believe “more than ever, it is important to build on the success of the PreCheck program.”

Other signatories of the letter included the Global Business Travel Association, the U.S. Travel Association and Travelers United.


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