Poland Is the Place to Be and the Destination to See

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Poland Is the Place to Be and the Destination to See

Poznan Old Town is centred on Stary Rynek, the Old Market Square.

According to the latest statistics, Poland is observing a steady growth in tourist arrivals. In 2017, the country was visited by over 18 million visitors, and in 2018 that number increased to 19.6 million. The prediction for 2019 is well over 20 million arrivals.

Poland is indisputably becoming a top travel destination for many travelers and globetrotters from around the world. The country is well regarded as a safe and secure destination offering an affordable level of services on par with any established travel destination. The professional incoming tourism industry and well-developed travel infrastructure provide for ease of communication, reservation, and transportation. 

Far from the overtourism prevalent today in some of the more popular tourist locations, Poland offers convenient access to a multitude of attractions ranging from city breaks, cultural events, adventure travel, ecotourism, culinary experiences, heritage and religious tourism or wellness and spa.  

Many travelers who visit Poland for a short break or as a part of a more extensive European vacation make a point of coming back and devoting an entire trip only to explore and discover more of this exceptional country.

As the travel trend is undeniably moving east, recognizing Poland as the top destination in the region should be a reasonable and sensible response. Building up a knowledge base as a local destination expert would be a smart and business-wise investment.

Thankfully, there is a tool that can help and assist in doing just that. By joining and completing the Discover Central Europe specialist program, you can now become a trained destination Poland professional. This program also covers other V4 countries; Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

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