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ASTA Warns FAA Bill Could Impose Harmful Regulations on Travel Agencies

The organization estimates the potential economic impact on the industry to be nearly $30 million a year.

United Airlines is Changing its Boarding Process

The airline says the new boarding process will make it easier, and less stressful, for passengers to get onboard.

Sabre Expands Beyond NDC Program

New partners include United Airlines, BCD Travel, American Express Travel, and more.

Touting Success, TSA Plans to Expand 3D Carry-On Scanners

The quicker pace of screenings, coupled with requiring travelers to take out less from their bags, would ease the congestion plaguing long security lines at airports.

Three Transatlantic Flights Held on Tarmac Because of Passenger Illnesses

The “sick passenger syndrome” is officially a trend.

Osaka Airport Aims to Reopen Friday After Typhoon

The city’s governor asks other airports in Osaka and Kobe to lend a hand while the damage is being repaired.

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Here Are the ABCs of Guided Independent Travel

It's not escorted and it's not independent travel, so what's the lowdown on this increasingly popular guided independent travel segment?

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