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8/20/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

Travel agents who want to ensure their clients are booked on the right sailing rely on ship inspections for first-hand knowledge, topping brochures any day.

8/14/2018  |  by Daniel McCarthy

Canadian travelers will have additional flight options to warm-weather destinations, as well as schedule improvements.

8/13/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

Should you resist the temptation to unfriend or confront them? Hear the advice of agents who have been there and know how best to handle these unfortunate, but all-too-common scenarios.

8/6/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

A majority of consumers surveyed said they would be likely to use a passport renewal app because of the convenience, but expressed security concerns.

8/6/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

Travel agents share the dos and don'ts of the sales process, making this step their first priority.

8/2/2018  |  by Daniel McCarthy

Canada’s newest, low-cost airline is opening up its schedule to international flights.

7/31/2018  |  by Jessica Montevago

The initiative is part of a joint border security information-sharing arrangement with the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

7/30/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

They are one of the driving forces behind lasting client relationships, leading to future sales and additional groups. Learn why this market segment is a recurring win-win for everyone.

7/24/2018  |  by Daniel McCarthy

The low-cost airline will serve five markets this winter, and will kick off a new flight route this week.

7/23/2018  |  by Kerry Tice

Seventy percent of cruise travelers take advantage of the expertise of a travel agent when it comes to booking their vacations, survey says.