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9/17/2019  |  by Travel Market Report

TMR’s first Outlook on Mexico takes a look at the state of travel agents’ bookings to Mexico and how a perfect storm of negative media reports has impacted both inquiries and sales.

9/17/2019  |  by Denise Caiazzo

All travel advisors can benefit from adding events to their trip-planning services, further expanding their ability to help their clients have unforgettable travel experiences - the kind that they’ll tell their grandkids about some day.

9/16/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

One lucky winner will receive a grand prize of 5,000 euros in the form of a preloaded card that can be used towards a flight issued on a HR-169 ticket to any destination in the world.

9/9/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

The 400-page travel guide includes information on the latest digital and marketing resources, fam tours, and more.

9/6/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

Travel advisors can deepen their knowledge of the brand and increase their sales with the new Luxury Gold Masterclass.

9/6/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Taking the surprise out of flying, Delta is launching the SkyWatch program, an industry-leading platform to provide customers with up-to-date travel information.

8/29/2019  |  by Daniel McCarthy

The laptops can only be transported in carry-on bags and must be turned off during flight. 

8/22/2019  |  by Daniel McCarthy

The site will host the cruise line’s booking engine, guest magazine, marketing materials, and the recently announced Webinar Wednesdays series.

8/16/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The airport with the shortest security wait time averages about nine minutes, while the one with the longest wait time averages over 20 minutes.

8/16/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

Travel advisors can offer their clients exclusive privileges, at no additional cost, to make their vacations extra special.