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3/19/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

The hotel giant's three year growth stategy will add between 275,000 and 295,000 rooms.

3/19/2019  |  by Cheryl Rosen

Some of the world’s iconic properties sparkled at a Manhattan reception for travel advisors last week, which highlighted hot new properties, destinations and amenities.

3/18/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

Billed as ‘the most extensive restoration in the hotel’s 117-year history,’ the upgrades touched everything from the guestrooms to restaurants to spa offerings.

3/18/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

The skyscraper will house luxury condominiums, a five-star hotel, a spa and fitness amenities.

3/15/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

With a minimalist-chic aesthetic, the new property gives travelers a haven away from the raw energy and noise of Times Square.

3/12/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

Travelers have made their picks for the top accommodations, from properties in Costa Rica to Cambodia to South Carolina.

3/12/2019  |  by Daniel McCarthy

The brand said that the new logo ‘pays homage to its past and depicts its vision for the future.’

3/11/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

From China to California, these properties feature accommodations and amenities designed for luxury travelers.

3/11/2019  |  by Denise Caiazzo

Travel advisors give their best insights and selling tips that can help you convert ocean cruisers - and land clients, too - to the wonderful world of river cruising.

3/8/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

The last-minute booking platform allows the brand to serve all types of guests, whether they plan their trip a year or a day in advance.