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7/23/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The new aircraft will provide improved fuel efficiency on the long-haul route

7/23/2019  |  by Kailey Cotter

Antarctica or the Arctic both give travelers a complete break from everyday life, work, emails, traffic, and well, essentially everything for a few weeks.

7/19/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Jay Johnson, president of Coastline Travel Advisors, shares his experience as one of the only certified agents permitted to sell commercial space travel.

7/19/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

In the wake of unrelenting media attention about American tourist deaths and illnesses, the country is taking steps to strengthen travelers' confidence.

7/18/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The increased use of facial recognition technology at airports is raising serious concerns about privacy and security for the traveling public.

7/18/2019  |  by Kailey Cotter

A perennial favorite, this American city is full of history, tourist attractions, natural beauty, and authentic southern cuisine. 

7/17/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

More than 4,000 airport employees plan to stage a strike in the coming weeks, which could bring London Heathrow to a standstill.

7/16/2019  |  by Steve Gillick

Find out how the Yucatan offers up the perfect blend of discovery, history, culture, gastronomy, and nature — and why it's on this traveler’s ‘must re-visit' list.

7/16/2019  |  by Kailey Cotter

The new mode of transportation will feature custom cabins that glide through the air, conveniently transporting guests between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot to four resort hotels.

7/15/2019  |  by Jessica Montevago

One lucky advisor and their guest will visit old Amman, including the ancient ruins of the Temple of Hercules.