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7/14/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Clear-cut lines are hard to come by in the luxury market these days. Both the concept of luxury — and the potential client base for it — are vastly different now than in the past. And that’s good news for agents looking to increase their sales.

6/24/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Travel agent business models are as varied as the agent community itself but they all face the occasional client problem—or problem client! Travel Market Report spoke to several agents about the issues they most often face these days in dealing with clients.

5/11/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

These days, active travel sells. And families are a top active travel market. Tour operators and destinations are enhancing efforts to market to this niche within a niche. Travel agents who promote active options for families are finding them a good way to bolster their bottom line.

5/7/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Travel agents want to get out of the “price game” and they can do that by selling more upscale products, according to sales expert and author Mark McMullen. He spoke with Travel Market Report about dealing with affluent clients.

4/29/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

FITs are an increasingly popular choice for clients who want to forego off-the-shelf packaged tours in favor of customized itineraries. FITs to Europe are booming now but what about the FIT market in Central and South America? Avanti founder and president Harry Daalgard fills us in.

4/21/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

FITs are an increasingly popular form of travel as more clients forego off-the-shelf packaged tours in favor of bespoke itineraries. Selling this segment is also an opportunity for travel agents to showcase their expertise—and prove their value—to clients, says the founder and president of FIT specialist Avanti Destinations.

4/20/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Europe is the world's top tourist destination, and it shows no signs of giving up the title. On the contrary, tourism to Europe is booming for 2015. That’s due to a number of factors, including a stronger dollar.

1/22/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Sandals Resorts is reaching out to consumers with a $35 discount for direct online bookings. Not surprisingly, the move has proved unpopular with some travel agents. They're protesting to their BDMs—and voicing their opposition to the policy on social media.

1/21/2015  |  by Ana Figueroa

Consumer review sites are increasingly popular, especially in the travel arena. Does their proliferation pose a competitive threat to travel agents whose job includes providing clients with expert advice and guidance? We asked agents that question.

12/22/2014  |  by Ana Figueroa

The ability to add value for clients will be a crucial skill for business travel sellers in 2015. The best way to add value is to understand, analyze and anticipate client needs, according to American Express Global Business’ Pedro Paredes.

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