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1/31/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest are all making plays to win customer loyalty with live TV offerings.

1/30/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

Travel to Cuba is one of the best values in the Caribbean region, but travelers must abide by the rules and regulations.

1/28/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

Southwest’s much anticipated low-fare flights to Hawaii could be back on again for a spring debut.

1/18/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

The new design gives the carrier a more contemporary look.

1/11/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

Among the more than 400,000 federal workers who are working without pay are employees who have a direct involvement in aviation and air travel.

12/24/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

Travel to Europe should be easier and more convenient next year, as a number of international airlines are adding new routes over the North Atlantic next spring and summer.

12/21/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

U.K. officials ruled out terrorism as a possible motive, but the incident raises concerns about tightening drone regulations.

12/18/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

Bucking the industry trend, the airline will also continue its ‘bags fly free’ policy, allowing customers to check up to two bags free without charge.

12/13/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

Reports say that Delta and the Italian railway system have expressed interest in investing in the airline.

12/7/2018  |  by Barbara Peterson

The alliance also added Fiji Airways as its first member in a new membership category, Oneworld Connect.