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9/12/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

The transaction unites two tour companies that are licensed to offer programs to Cuba, placing them in a stronger position to promote travel to Cuba.

7/31/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

While a damper on price hikes should be good news for travel advisors and their clients, the factors behind it are less positive.

7/11/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

The new service could be extended to other cities around the country, but for now, it runs a single route connecting lower Manhattan to JFK Airport.

6/26/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

The city-state’s newest attraction, Jewel Changi Airport's Canopy Park, a shopping and entertainment complex with a futuristic design is as over-the-top as some of the scenes in ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’

2/28/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

After months of delays, the carrier will soon begin flying to the Hawaiian Islands from four cities in California.

2/25/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

Paine Field, located in the nearby city of Everett, will open for scheduled passenger flights next month, for the first time in more than 70 years.

2/20/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

In a statement, Airlines for America said the change is designed to “accommodate the needs of all travelers."

2/18/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

Alitalia, which has been operating under the Italy's version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is engaged in discussions with low-cost carrier EasyJet.

2/18/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

The announcement came as a surprise to the traveling public, as the airline had been promoting its trademark discount fares right up until its collapse.

1/31/2019  |  by Barbara Peterson

United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest are all making plays to win customer loyalty with live TV offerings.