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8/2/2017  |  by Chris Ryall

New North American office slated as record numbers of Americans and Canadians head to the nation.

6/29/2017  |  by Chris Ryall

Travel agents specializing in more active and niche trips are discovering consumers are reaching out to them in greater numbers.

10/24/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

TMR goes one-on-one with AccorHotels chief operating officer for North and Central America.

10/11/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

TRAVELSAVERS Owners Conference offers tips on what's selling, where and how.

8/31/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

“Canadians spend more and stay longer than other markets,” said the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Pataraporn Sithivanich, making it a lucrative market for travel professionals.

5/16/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

Getting intimate with your database is a worthwhile endeavor.

5/11/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

Experiential outings foster loyalty and productivity said a panel at TMR’s Travel Marketplace show in Toronto.” 

5/3/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

When Paradis steps into the role of president of the Association of Canadian Travel Agents this month, succeeding David McCaig, it will be the culmination of a love of travel that started when she was 16.

2/8/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

Agenda item #1 for the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies: Find a president in the next six weeks to head an ambitious agenda.

1/28/2016  |  by Chris Ryall

TMR sat down for a chat with Julio Perez, executive vice-president of Grupo Piñero's Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, about the latest developments at the resort company.

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