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7/22/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The cruise line released a video showing details of the private Bahamian destination for its guests, ahead of its November opening. 

7/19/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Jay Johnson, president of Coastline Travel Advisors, shares his experience as one of the only certified agents permitted to sell commercial space travel.

7/19/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The airline is hosting 30 days of giveaways and gaming-themed flights, and has surprised some lucky passengers with Nintendo Switch systems.

7/18/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The increased use of facial recognition technology at airports is raising serious concerns about privacy and security for the traveling public.

7/17/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

More than 4,000 airport employees plan to stage a strike in the coming weeks, which could bring London Heathrow to a standstill.

7/12/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Travel + Leisure unveils readers’ picks for best international airlines for 2019.

7/12/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge visitors will get a chance to battle their way to a secret base to meet Rey and General Organa.

7/11/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The State Department has issued the warning due to civil unrest in the region, and suggests that travelers to Egypt take precautionary actions.

7/11/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

The expanded twice-daily service aboard the Boeing 777-200ER offers business and leisure travelers more flexibility in their trip planning.

7/10/2019  |  by Daine Taylor

Irene Lane, founder of the America-based ecotourism travel company called Greenloons, discusses balancing tourism and wildlife welfare while traveling abroad.

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