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7/23/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The new aircraft will provide improved fuel efficiency on the long-haul route

7/18/2019  |  by David Cogswell

A collaboration between tour operator and filmmaker produces an enhanced travel experience on ‘Sprit of the Desert’ tour.

6/28/2019  |  by David Cogswell

For Bernadette Champion, travel became a historical quest, and now she passes her passion onto to her clients, escorting them on learning journeys around the world.

6/24/2019  |  by David Cogswell

New restrictions on travel to Cuba are stringent, but there are loopholes that allow Americans to visit Cuba.

6/13/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The tour operator association’s annual out-of-country board meeting almost didn’t happen after the devastating Boeing 737 MAX 8 incident, but the group persevered and discovered the world’s fastest-growing travel economy.

6/10/2019  |  by David Cogswell

Former tourism minister, and Mandela protégé, looks back and forward as a new presidency begins.

6/5/2019  |  by David Cogswell

While the new regulations will put an end to many businesses, some tour operators will continue to offer programs that are compliant with new regulations

6/4/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The iconic tour operator’s special interest product, which targets travelers’ interests rather than destinations, is catching on with younger consumers.

6/3/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The move allows travelers to book a single ticket on South African Airways from any of Alaska Airlines’ U.S. origin cities straight through to Johannesburg via New York’s JFK or Washington, D.C.’s Dulles airports.

5/24/2019  |  by David Cogswell

As travelers become more experienced and more interested in cultural immersion, many are turning their attention beyond the Big Five of the wildlife reserves to the Big Three of urban culture.

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