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10/18/2018  |  by David Cogswell

A veteran African tour operator rolls out new and enhanced itineraries with once-in-a-lifetime experiences to capture the immersive travel wave.

10/15/2018  |  by David Cogswell

Two thousand travel agency partners from 45 states attended the educational event and participated in 75 classes.

10/9/2018  |  by David Cogswell

South Africa's national carrier is undergoing a transformation, becoming a more customer-focused organization than most traditional, state-owned enterprises.

10/4/2018  |  by David Cogswell

The FIT specialist has branched out to fulfill the growing demand from its agent partners to handle group travel.

10/2/2018  |  by David Cogswell

The tour operator offers independent, custom-tailored packages designed to provide authenticity of local experience and insider access that is normally unattainable.

9/28/2018  |  by David Cogswell

The relationship between the carrier and travel advisors has had its ups and downs over the years. Take a look at its evolution, and where Delta stands with advisors today.

9/27/2018  |  by David Cogswell

With a new owner, Avanti Destinations continues to grow its FIT business in Europe, Latin America and Asia, with a focus on locally immersive journeys that are customizable.

9/24/2018  |  by David Cogswell

America’s oldest tour operator has given its small group product a major overhaul, offering a new balance between structure and independence.

9/24/2018  |  by David Cogswell

One self-professed internet addict takes to the Amazon jungle to unplug and reconnect with the real, offline world.

9/18/2018  |  by David Cogswell

One of the largest and oldest tour operators has introduced a new balance between structure and independence for its guests.

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