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8/19/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The operator that established itself as synonymous with Italy is branching out to another, kindred European destination.

7/31/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The tour operator is ready to catch a new wave of interest expected with the release of ‘Downton Abbey: The Movie’ this fall.

7/31/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The nostalgic allure of embarking on an elegant train journey has found its way back into the luxury travel sphere.

7/26/2019  |  by David Cogswell

Representing South Africa for Nelson Mandela International Day, the newly appointed cabinet member also brought the country’s new tourism objectives, plans and attitudes to the American travel industry. 

7/23/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The new aircraft will provide improved fuel efficiency on the long-haul route

7/18/2019  |  by David Cogswell

A collaboration between tour operator and filmmaker produces an enhanced travel experience on ‘Sprit of the Desert’ tour.

6/28/2019  |  by David Cogswell

For Bernadette Champion, travel became a historical quest, and now she passes her passion onto to her clients, escorting them on learning journeys around the world.

6/24/2019  |  by David Cogswell

New restrictions on travel to Cuba are stringent, but there are loopholes that allow Americans to visit Cuba.

6/13/2019  |  by David Cogswell

The tour operator association’s annual out-of-country board meeting almost didn’t happen after the devastating Boeing 737 MAX 8 incident, but the group persevered and discovered the world’s fastest-growing travel economy.

6/10/2019  |  by David Cogswell

Former tourism minister, and Mandela protégé, looks back and forward as a new presidency begins.

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