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5/30/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

The sisters talk about how their sales for expedition cruises jumped by more than 50% last year and that they expect to see a double-digit increase again this year.

5/28/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

This travel advisor is an expert in selling expedition cruises, and she shares her excitement and insights about the growing niche.

5/24/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

Top-performing travel advisors give tips on who the best expedition cruise prospects are and where to find them.

5/21/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

As new ships come to market and cruise lines expand their itineraries, this is an emerging niche for travel advisors to tap into.

4/10/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

Suites and public spaces will be redesigned as part of the cruise line’s $250 million renovation initiative.

4/10/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

According to CEO Douglas Prothero, the new cruise industry entrant is ‘working on what comes after the first three yachts.’

4/10/2019  |  by Doug Gollan

HMS Global Maritime said it will expand its recently acquired Victory Cruise Lines to more regions next year.

12/6/2018  |  by Doug Gollan

For clients traveling to Hong Kong, China and soon Japan and Sinagpore, Wharf Hotels’ up and coming Niccolo Hotels brand wants you to envision it as a cross between the modern approach of Upper House from Swire Hotels with a heavy dose o

12/5/2018  |  by Doug Gollan

Among the cities getting new Four Seasons are Madrid, Athens, Bangalore, Cabo, Philadelphia, and Napa.

12/5/2018  |  by Doug Gollan

Rosewood says the growth will cement the brand's “global footprint.”