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9/3/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

Members and guests of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) Alberta enjoyed an evening of networking at the first ACTA Dine Around – a progressive dinner event with three stops.

8/8/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

It’s hard work, but it’s worth the freedom to work when you want and with whom you want, says the growing force of home-based agents.

8/6/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

New website offers a database of safety advice and advisories for Canadian’s traveling abroad.

5/31/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

Canadian travel advisors of all levels are encouraged to attend the event, where they can choose which training opportunities best suit their business needs.

5/31/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

ACTA celebrated in spectacular Vancouver, British Columbia on a harbor cruise with 100 of the industry’s top travel professionals.

5/1/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

As we celebrate travel advisors far and wide this week, it’s the perfect time to help you celebrate yourself.

3/11/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

Travel advisors gather with like-minded peers and suppliers to push beyond their comfort zones and learn how to have greater success in their businesses.

3/6/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

From finding your purpose to leveraging trends and refining selling strategies, Oprah laid out a roadmap for successful marketing.

2/8/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

If you’re ready to jump up not one, but several levels, in your business this year, take a look at these empowering suggestions from an expert who knows the score.

2/5/2019  |  by Geraldine Ree

Geraldine Ree, the new executive director of TMR Canada talks about why she’s looking forward to her new role and TMP West, the sell-out educational event that takes place in Vancouver later this month.