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10/30/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

The global all-inclusive resort brand now has a portfolio that is one-third ski resorts with a customer base that is two-thirds families, with just one-third couples and singles.

10/11/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Micro-rooms, pop-up hotels, food halls, and storytelling are gaining ground.

10/6/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Great GetAways started as a leisure agency in 1987 but has since evolved into a major corporate travel business.

9/25/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Barbados wants to get the message out to travel agents that, despite confusion with Barbuda, it is ‘business as usual.’

9/20/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Fares include one checked bag, one hot meal on each flight, and wireless entertainment.

9/19/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

With four airlines now owning a majority of the market, hotels seem to be heading in the same direction, Greenberg, the travel editor at CBS News, told a meeting of the New York chapter of Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

8/18/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Improv comedy is a huge cultural phenomenon and its principles are being used by companies to build teamwork, enhance creativity and teach associates how to respond more effectively to change, all of which is relevant to the travel agent business.

8/11/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

One who grew up in the travel industry and one who did not agree on one thing: the future looks bright.

7/25/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

Travel professionals understand what a client wants and what a hotel has to offer -- and that makes for a perfect match.

7/18/2017  |  by Harvey Chipkin

The luxury tour operator is investing in technology and other fronts to expand awareness and grow its agent base.