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10/19/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Linda White, a former otolaryngologist/cleft surgeon and medical school professor, has a new specialty: selling cruises.

10/1/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Creating work-life balance is particularly challenging for travel agents, who often deal with clients and time zones around the globe.

9/28/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Leah Bergner got her start in travel from a customer at the restaurant where she worked as a server.

9/4/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

After entering the travel business as an empty nester, Connie Burke, now 89, has been to Africa more than 65 times. She’s created a thriving business centered on safaris and cruises.

8/7/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Judi Cohen left an executive position with a Fortune 500 company to pursue a new career as a travel agent with Zebrano Travel in Toronto.

8/5/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

While most travel agents agree that upselling is an important skill, there’s a wide range of opinion on how to upsell—and what to upsell.

7/24/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

As if starting a new life in a foreign country isn’t enough of a challenge, Cathy Moha, also started a new career – in travel. She’s a former nurse from France.

7/21/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Upselling has a bit of a bad rap. The thinking behind the process may need to be reconsidered, but upselling offers numerous opportunities for travel agents to make more money on each trip they sell.

7/20/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

A backpacking journey through Europe in his twenties inspired Chad Clark to create a travel business that emphasizes the type of unique, authentic and local experiences he encountered on that trip.

7/8/2015  |  by Judy Jacobs

Although qualifying clients may be the most important step in the process of selling travel, it’s a skill that can take quite a bit of time and effort to master.

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