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4/29/2016  |  by Maria Lenhart

For Margi Arnold, owner of Denver-based Creative Travel Adventures, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to service fees.

3/9/2016  |  by Maria Lenhart

“Fees have had a very positive impact on our business—they separate the buyers from the shoppers,” says travel agent Steve Lincoln. “In some ways, we owe a big thanks to Delta.” Part 2 of a series on travel-agency service fees.

2/17/2016  |  by Maria Lenhart

Forget about transaction fees. Reposition yourself as a professional consultant and charge premium fees of $250 and up, says Nolan Burris.

1/22/2016  |  by Maria Lenhart

Meeting planners face five big challenges in the year ahead.

12/15/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

Incentive travel budgets are back — but so are the challenges of rising costs and serving the very different motivational needs and preferences of multiple generations.

11/6/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

When choosing a destination, meeting planners are most influenced by fam trips and face-time communication with CVBs and suppliers, DCI says.

9/8/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

Customized training for newcomers, as well as mentorship for travel agents seeking to sharpen their game, is the focus of the Travel Designers Academy, recently launched by romance travel specialist Lisa Sheldon.

9/2/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

Millennials are skeptical of luxury brands, including those in travel, according to a new study from Unity Marketing. If travel agents want to reach these clients, they need to qualify and quantify what they mean by luxury and how that relates to what is important to millennials.

7/30/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

The vast majority of travel counselors at American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) are now home-based. The result has been greater flexibility and improved service, according to a company exec.

7/23/2015  |  by Maria Lenhart

There are more options for touring Cuba than ever before, but travel agents still need to prepare their clients for the experience. Here are some tips from tour operators.