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8/13/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Brown Hotels’ largest property to date, The Lighthouse, located in Tel Aviv's city center, will have its soft opening September 2018.

8/10/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Air France-KLM and Air Europa are examining an expansion of this agreement to include a wider range of operations in tandem.

8/10/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Agents acting fast on travel to Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic can score as much as 54% off and $500 in resort credits and room upgrades for clients who know how to plan ahead.

8/8/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Reaching tourism highs for the past eight years, Greece is expecting even more visitors this year, despite the wildfires it has endured of late.

7/25/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

The 140-year old Italian hospitality company will spend nearly €20 million on renovations to its three properties in Rome — Hotel Mediterraneo, Hotel Atlantico, and Hotel Massimo d'Azeglio.

7/20/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

This winter, diehard Lufthansa clients can avail themselves of extensions to Eilat, the resort on the Red Sea in Israel and Agadir in Morocco as well as new flights to Trieste, capital of the Friuli Venezia region of Italy and Thessaloniki, Greece through Frankfurt.

6/25/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Two adventure travel bike tour operators, Tourissimo and Ride & Seek, have teamed up to offer a new selection of cycling itineraries called “Plus Tours.”

6/22/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Both carriers are looking to expand operations for this fall and winter.

6/14/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

The first Italian tour operator specializing in gay and lesbian-themed tours, Quiiky Tours, has announced a new guided tour based on the Academy Award-winning film, “Call me by Your Name.” 

6/8/2018  |  by Maria Lisella

Record-breaking visitor counts in New York State have raised the bar, as have this year’s crop of new resorts, hotels and inns.