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5/13/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Many suppliers are reducing or eliminating solo travel supplements, prompting even more solo travelers to book trips.

5/10/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Apple has named a chief human resources officer, to help blend the corporate cultures to better unite all of the brands under the OneALG.

5/9/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Updates on four properties from Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, including Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.

4/29/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Companies that offer employee development programs attract the most highly skilled, productive and motivated employees.

4/17/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Travel System are offering travel agents and tour operators in the U.S. an opportunity and incentive to increase their sales of Swiss travel pro

4/9/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Ideal for small, affiliated groups, and intergenerational parties, lately solo travelers are also discovering hotel barges as a casual way to meet other solo travelers.

4/4/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

CEO Cabanas revealed details about the company’s most recent passion project, the development of a private label wine that will be made exclusively for the hospitality company.

4/4/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

The tour operator incentivizes and rewards travel agents to do even more business with them.

4/1/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

Specialty tour operators focus on gastronomy, and generalist operators are adding elements to their broad tours that reflect the country’s growing identity as a food-and-wine star.

3/21/2019  |  by Maria Lisella

European Waterways is waiving the single supplement fee on more than 40 hotel barge cruises for 2019, a savings of more than $2,550 for solo travelers.