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11/13/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

A motivational speaker urges travel advisors to grow their sales by honing their strategic storytelling skills.

11/7/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

A top executive with the Globus family of brands discusses the company’s new products, expanded flexibility in both river cruising and touring, and opportunities for growth.

11/6/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

At its annual conference, Ensemble spotlighted advancements in technology, intelligence and marketing; and promised to give agents more support and visibility, as the company celebrated its 50-year history.

10/29/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

Ya’lla has blocked more than 400 rooms per day for the duration of the six-month event.

10/25/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

Custom FIT vacation will be the No. 1 driver of new leisure land business for travel agencies in 2019, followed by active vacations and adventure vacations.

10/11/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

Children are calling the shots when it comes to deciding where families will travel and what they’ll do on their luxury vacations. And what’s influencing the kids? Social media.

9/25/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

As South Africa marks the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, the nation’s ‘born-free’ generation is creating new types of visitor experiences.

9/17/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

While travel agents should familiarize themselves with a destination’s laws and prevailing attitudes toward the LGBTQ community before booking a trip for gay and lesbian clients, there are other factors to consider. Part two of a two-part series.

9/14/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

Luxury LGBTQ travelers don’t want or need special treatment from their travel advisors, but there are nuances to serving this market. Given this segment’s outsized travel spending and growing buying power, getting it right is well worth the effort.

8/24/2018  |  by Marilee Crocker

At the 30th annual Virtuoso Travel Week, the luxury network announced initiatives and programs designed to help its advisors ‘get more of the best clients who generate the best business.’