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5/6/2019  |  by Mary Gostelow

The brand’s latest accommodations include a gorgeously authentic London townhouse hotel and an Italian castle on 4,200 rolling acres in Tuscany just an hour's drive south of Florence.

4/29/2019  |  by Mary Gostelow

The Downtown Abbey-style, country-house-turned-hotel delights with its 18th-century nuances, farm-to-table cuisine, and nature-focused activities.

2/25/2019  |  by Mary Gostelow

Among the property’s attributes are its undeniable style, rich history, luxurious rooms with views, hand-painted floral porcelain, a Hungarian bistro, and a strong connection to the glamorous movie industry.

1/18/2019  |  by Mary Gostelow

Two over-the-top luxury properties immerse guests in the wonders of nature, in decadent style, including an outdoor treehouse restaurant and underwater accommodations.

11/26/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

Leveraging the iconic and well-respected Bvlgari name, the properties offer guests luxurious amenities and experiences at every turn.

10/25/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

Offering exquisite design, delectable culinary choices, and Old-World appeal, these new properties are also easy for U.S.-based travelers to visit.

9/21/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

Local residents are also back to showing their Greek conviviality, spending hours chatting over coffee in the first-floor Winter Garden and sunset-watching on the roof.

8/21/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

Lush gardens, treehouses, afternoon tea and croquet — what more could a guest ask for at a quintessentially English accommodation in the countryside?

7/20/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

On the wish lists of many international travelers, Iceland offers incredible open scenery, the cleanest air, wildlife and nature, activities, healthy food, and now, a world-class luxury hotel.

5/30/2018  |  by Mary Gostelow

To help you keep up with your favorite GMs and hotel executives as they move around and open new properties, Mary Gostelow offers up a monthly update of who's doing what.

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