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6/27/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Every agent who is concerned about having to comply with a myriad of state/local sales tax laws— and that should be every agent with any interstate business — should join ASTA and support the coming battle.

6/18/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel sellers cannot afford to remain unaware of this seemingly inevitable and revolutionary development in the way that air travel is sold.

5/15/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Every travel agency must decide for itself whether the new rules are so costly to implement that the agency is better off declining to do business with travelers who reside in the EU.

4/17/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel professionals must increasingly take precautions to disclose critical information about air travel to consumers, and then let them make their own decisions.

4/3/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

The courts do not hold the airlines’ contracts of carriage, namely related to nonrefundable ticket cases, in the same low esteem as consumers and travel agents often do.

2/27/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Rather than a burden, it is an opportunity for travel advisors to convey to consumers the true facts about airline prices and ancillary charges.

1/22/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors must look beyond the color codes to see the complete facts in advising clients about risks of travel.

1/2/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors need to be cautious about providing definitive information on ancillary fees to clients.

11/27/2017  |  by Paul Ruden

What travel agency owners need to know to comply with the strict rules of the CAN-SPAM Act.

10/20/2017  |  by Paul Ruden

Modern legal thinking says the agent-client relationship begins with the first contact and only ends when the trip is concluded.

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