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6/12/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors should begin to think about how they will comply with the central concepts that are likely to be part of any state or federal privacy legislation.

5/17/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

If there is no non-disclosure agreement in place, the information you share with prospective buyers can be provided to others without limit, putting your business and privacy at risk.

4/24/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

It is imperative for every agency owner to find out if their business is subject to the changes in regulations, and how to comply.

3/13/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

The situation serves as a useful, though tragic, vehicle for reminding advisors of their responsibilities related to the safety of aircraft.

2/28/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors are in a unique position to help clients make smart decisions about their medical risk assessments, and they should to do that in any case where the signs of potential risks are present.

2/20/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Learn about the pitfalls and protections of advising clients who use online services like Airbnb, HomeAway and other non-traditional accommodations platforms.

1/23/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

From business structure to legal documents to cash flow, here are important items to evaluate annually in order to keep your agency in its strongest position.

12/6/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

What is the duty of travel advisors to inform and advise clients about criminal events, such as sexual violence, in countries they plan to visit?

11/26/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

Industry pundit talks about steps to take to deter the non-payment situation, and what to do if it happens.

11/5/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

What you need to know about executing an agreement that tells hotel management that you are bringing them a business opportunity and you expect to be treated respectfully.

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