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8/12/2019  |  by Paul Ruden


The existence of an estate plan that provides for proper handling of the business in the event of the death of the owner is an essential legal document to put in place.

7/8/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

In general, the answers to client questions about aircraft safety should be the same in each case. Here are suggested phrases to use.

6/12/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors should begin to think about how they will comply with the central concepts that are likely to be part of any state or federal privacy legislation.

5/17/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

If there is no non-disclosure agreement in place, the information you share with prospective buyers can be provided to others without limit, putting your business and privacy at risk.

4/24/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

It is imperative for every agency owner to find out if their business is subject to the changes in regulations, and how to comply.

3/13/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

The situation serves as a useful, though tragic, vehicle for reminding advisors of their responsibilities related to the safety of aircraft.

2/28/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Travel advisors are in a unique position to help clients make smart decisions about their medical risk assessments, and they should to do that in any case where the signs of potential risks are present.

2/20/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

Learn about the pitfalls and protections of advising clients who use online services like Airbnb, HomeAway and other non-traditional accommodations platforms.

1/23/2019  |  by Paul Ruden

From business structure to legal documents to cash flow, here are important items to evaluate annually in order to keep your agency in its strongest position.

12/6/2018  |  by Paul Ruden

What is the duty of travel advisors to inform and advise clients about criminal events, such as sexual violence, in countries they plan to visit?

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