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12/14/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Research from two studies this year say travel advisors might want to motivate clients to travel as part of their self-care plans.

12/13/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Most recent ASTA consumer survey shows that Baby Boomers more highly value the talents and services of professional advisors.

11/12/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

As we celebrate Veterans Day, the travel industry is increasingly finding that military members in transition, and their families, succeed in careers as professional travel advisors.

10/25/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

While agents don’t expect much attention from airlines anymore, carriers entering new markets ignore professional travel advisors at their peril. 


10/25/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

One week into new laws allowing Canadians to use marijuana legally, some experts wonder if there are implications for uninformed Canadian travelers.

10/3/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

The so-called revival of travel advisors was a focus of attention during a panel discussion at the Skift Global Forum – and the source for some humble pie.

9/7/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

Churning far out in the Atlantic, Hurricane Florence is a ‘foreseeable’ but unpredictable event. Travel insurers are already notifying potential customers that new plans won’t cover trips.

6/28/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

A trip purchased with one of these cards will afford you the best overall travel insurance, but vacationers might still want to consider purchasing traditional coverage.

6/28/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

More than eight out of ten Canadians are generally satisfied with travel medical insurance, according to new public opinion research.

6/8/2018  |  by Richard D'Ambrosio

During a Washington Post-sponsored discussion this week, a key aviation committee chairman defended travel agent consumer regulatory concerns.