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7/18/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

With more and more credit card holders earning points and redeeming them for travel, how and when an advisor supports these clients can be tricky.

7/16/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Advisor Beth Johnston coached a busy Michigan mom and dad through their family’s dream vacation, including being at the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory game.

7/15/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

The law of numbers – more travelers on one trip means more commissionable sales – should work to an agent’s advantage. But offering insurance to group travelers isn’t so simple.

7/12/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Considered by many to be the pinnacle of networking groups, BNI could be a travel agent’s strongest source for sales referrals – as well as personal and professional growth.

6/21/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Once again, advisors struggle to combat bad news about a destination they love, while ensuring that their clients are fully informed. And a social media campaign by travel advisors is underway.

6/20/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

It’s one of the most difficult tasks a travel agent can outsource: Handing clients off to a local, in-market vendor. Former travel advisor Jennifer Borgh offers her tips on how to do it wisely.

6/14/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

New survey shows how using a real-life professional travel agent can spare travelers significant financial losses.

6/14/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Latest “whack-a-mole” travel agent tax is defeated, as ASTA and the travel industry gain momentum in minimizing new levies on advisors.

6/13/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Maggie Fischer is on a mission to help travel agents see marketing as less like an expense, and more like a planned and measurable investment that puts income on their balance sheet.

6/12/2019  |  by Richard D’Ambrosio

Travel agents should familiarize themselves with these high-end properties, from a 15-tent treetop lodge in Cambodia’s national forest, to the new Rosewood Hong Kong.