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7/16/2018  |  by Scott Koepf

Hear how a song from a Sondheim musical can inspire and motivate you to have better working relationships and make more money.

4/10/2018  |  by Scott Koepf

Just how big of a commitment does a travel agent have to make to have a relationship with a client that lasts over the years?

1/3/2018  |  by Scott Koepf

Scott Koepf returns with three practical steps to help travel agents land more sales and keep those clients coming back.

11/10/2017  |  by Scott Koepf

Ask about a company's vision, and follow a leader who has a dream.

9/21/2017  |  by Scott Koepf

While there are more techniques and styles than could be ever committed to memory, there is one theme that is consistent.

8/11/2017  |  by Scott Koepf

TMR columnist Scott Koepf looks to Shrek and what it takes to overcome self-imposed limitations.

6/2/2017  |  by Scott Koepf

TMR columnist Scott Koepf looks to the classic musical Bye Bye Birdie on what it takes to connect with people.

2/23/2017  |  by Scott Koepf

TMR columnist Scott Koepf suggests taking the song’s approach of self-analysis and applying it to business.

11/23/2016  |  by Scott Koepf

TMR columnist Scott Koepf looks to King Arthur's song for inspiration on achieving a “new order of loyalty” in today’s environment.

9/30/2016  |  by Scott Koepf

The ability to “sell” based on not just telling a story, but creating the story with one’s audience, is the key to success in travel retailing.

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