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10/29/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Travel advisors must master the art of listening to the client to determine their needs and wants. Then the ‘telling and selling’ takes over.

10/5/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

What motivates people to travel? Why do they want to go to the mountain tops and do yoga at the beach? Here are four reasons that will help travel advisors sell vacations that revitalize and restore.

8/27/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

How do the seasons affect travel plans, and what can travel advisors do about it? Here are four ways to put the end-of-summer anxiety about change into perspective.

7/31/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Discover the niche side of the destination, through a field report describing the city's offerings for foodies, history and entertainment buffs, art aficionados, and outdoor adventurists.

6/22/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Survey shows that travel agents are perceived as value providers rather than transaction facilitators. But, can you deliver the goods?

5/22/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Many of the myths about Cuba — the food, the tourism infrastructure, the attitude of locals toward tourism, and even the availability of WiFi — have been turned on their head over the last few years.

4/23/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

As a travel agent, check yourself to be sure you don't have any of these business-busting habits when you're interacting with clients each day.

3/21/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Perfect weather, top-notch food and drink, music, nature, Panama hats, the Canal, and more — Panama has all the makings of a great vacation.

2/12/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

Forewarned is forearmed. Share these typical tourist scams, and practical tips to avoid them, with your clients.

1/9/2018  |  by Steve Gillick

What our canine companions can teach us about having the most satisfying travel experiences and providing the best customer service.

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