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10/18/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
For today’s travel agent, opportunities abound for professional development, including both skills and product training. But are you getting maximum value from your training? Here’s advice that will help.
9/12/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
The growing popularity of adventure and active travel has affected just about every travel category. How can travel agents open their clients eyes to the rewards? Educator Steve Gillick has nine tips to get you started.
8/12/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Don’t let your lack of familiarity with clients’ special interests cause you to overlook the potential of niche markets for your travel agency. Here’s advice from Steve Gillick.
7/8/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
What do you do when a client wants to book a destination that neither you nor anyone at your agency knows anything about? How do you quickly become the fountain of knowledge that your customer needs? Here are 11 practical steps to success when you’re starting from zero.
6/10/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Successful travel agents know that creating loyal customers is key to withstanding competition from OTAs and suppliers. “When the client feels you are watching his or her back all the time, it becomes difficult for them to turn their back on you,” says travel educator Steve Gillick. Here’s his advice.
5/13/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Often the best and most memorable travel experiences are those that are unplanned, or serendipitous. Travel educator Steve Gillick says creative travel agents know how to help serendipity blossom for their clients and create exuberant customers. Here are his suggestions.
4/11/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Even destination specialists can find it challenging to convey to clients their enthusiasm for a destination in a way that inspires them to travel there. Industry educator Steve Gillick shows agents how to take a more dynamic approach to stimulating client interest in a destination.
3/11/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Travel agents often take their suppliers, even preferred ones, for granted. Yet suppliers can be an invaluable resource. They are knowledgeable problem solvers who can provide the creative energy you need to close a sale. Educator Steve Gillick shares tips for using suppliers to good effect.
2/14/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Does the idea of presenting to a group take you out of your comfort zone? Here are tips for presentations that will engage clients and benefit your agency for years to come. Keeping the presentation focused on a defined purpose, inviting the right clients and playing to their senses are among the essentials.
1/17/2013  |  by Steve Gillick, CTM
Fam trips have been undervalued for far too many years – more often considered a perk for agents than a strategic business tool. But fam trip participation should provide a tangible ROI, including increases in sales, client retention and referrals and agency reputation. Here’s how to make it happen.
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