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Boost Your Tour Sales

Guided vacations are no longer the “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium” bus tours. Instead they offer clients a diverse array of opportunities, some of which they would find very difficult to get on their own, no matter the price. They’re also a revenue stream travel agents shouldn’t overlook, say tour operators.

Sabre Introduces Automated Faring

Sabre has developed a new industry standard for the booking of fares for round-the-world and circle trips (those that begin and end in the same city). Travel agents booking multi-destination journeys will no longer need to manually add up the prices of each segment of a passenger’s journey.

Strategic Planning Makes Hybrid Meetings Work

Streaming and virtual technologies have many benefits for meetings, but only when they are used strategically. Here are tips for making hybrid meetings worth the cost.

Combining Niches: Multigenerational River Cruising

Two of the biggest growth markets for travel agents looking for niche sales are multigenerational travel and river cruises. What if you could combine both in a single sale?

Carnival Corp. Expands Fleet, Focuses on Chinese Cruisers

Carnival Corporation announced plans to expand its fleet with nine new-build, next-generation vessels over the next seven years. It said it plans to use the new-builds to tap into the nascent market of Chinese cruisers.

‘It’s Alive’: Finally, a Consumer Article Sez the Agent Community Is Alive and Well

Recurring consumer press stories on the role of travel agents are akin to Mark Twain’s legendary quote that “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Now, though, Yahoo! Travel weighs in with its article, 6 Myths About Travel Agents, and Why You Shouldn’t Write Them Off. It comes as a welcome surprise.

Agents Wield Industry Power, Sez CLIA’s New Trade Relations VP

Charles Sylvia, CLIA’s new trade relations vice president, says travel agents need to realize the power they can yield in the cruise industry. In his new post, Sylvia says he will focus on CLIA’s travel agent program.

Meet Deb: Dancing With An Agent

You’ve likely heard of Dancing with the Stars? Try Dancing with an Agent. That would be former competitive country western dancer Deb Dobb who combined her passion for dance with her love of travel to create her own travel agency. Dodd arranges group travel that includes dance instruction and plenty of time to dance.

Tour Ops Boost Their Support of Agents

Many travel agents still have misperceptions about tours—and how much money they can make selling them. That’s why tour operators are investing more time and money than ever before on programs designed to educate and support agents.

Meetings Business Gains Solid Footing

The meetings industry continues its delayed but now steady recovery from the recession, according to the latest Meetings Market Survey conducted by Convene, the magazine of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Nearly half of the respondents reported an increase in attendance at their 2014 flagship event.

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