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IATA to Mark NDC Milestone

IATA’s Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards board, which oversees all technical standards developed under IATA’s auspices, is slated to validate NDC version 1.1.4 for shopping, booking, servicing, payment, and ticketing.

Maximize Your Experience at Travel MarketPlace

Travel MarketPlace, a unique conference dedicated to boosting the profitability of Canada’s travel agents, is a few weeks away. How can travel agents make the most of their experience? Five speakers weigh in on how attendees can learn—and change—from their participation.

Cruise Fares Rising, Say Agents

Three years along from the rampant discounting and low fares instituted by cruise lines after the Costa Concordia incident, cruise-selling travel agents are finally seeing fares creep up.

What it Takes to Be Successful

What does it really take for travel agents to be successful? Well, several things, says sales expert Scott Koepf in his latest column. Among them: passion, a vision that’s “extraordinary but realistic,” a belief in oneself, plus “work, practice and focus.”

Travelport’s First Quarter Air Bookings Down

This year will be a “transitional year” for Travelport, according to chief executive officer Gordon Wilson. Travelport reported a net loss of $7 million in the first quarter of 2015, an improvement over its $27 million loss in first quarter of 2014.

Travel Update: Egypt and Ukraine

Political turmoil continues to affect both traditional and emerging destinations around the world. Travel Market Report spoke with several tour operators for an update on travel to some of these destinations including Egypt and Ukraine.

Clients Say the Wackiest Things

A recent of ASTA members netted The Top 20 Strangest Requests—a hilarious collection of requests and questions clients have asked their travel agents in the past year. A sample: “Do they speak English in Britain?” Read on!

Current Job Market is a ‘Dream’ for Agents, Sez Survey

Now is a good time for travel agents who are looking for employment. According to a new survey from the Travel Staffing Group, more and more travel agencies are hiring while experienced agents are in short supply.

Luxury Link Shuts Down, a site that offered deals on high-end hotels and resorts, told customers it has ceased operations. In an email, it made it clear that it will not honor reservations booked on the site or offer customers refunds.

The ‘Workplace Wellness’ Trend: What Agents Should Know

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) plans to launch a major global research project on the subject of “workplace wellness.” The trend does have implications for travel—and travel agents should know what those are.

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