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Three Top Travel Trends for 2016: Travel Agents Look to the Year Ahead

Insiders look into their crystal balls for what’s hot in 2016.

Getting a Visa Just Got Harder

Homeland Security will more tightly screen those trying to enter the U.S

Amadeus Offers Support to Asia-Pacific Tech Startups

Amadeus Next will help startups connect to investors and venture capital around the world.

Paul Ruden Joins Travel Market Report

The former ASTA Executive Vice President-Legal & Industry Affairs has joined Travel Market Report as a contributor.

Host Agencies: To Join or Not to Join

Should you join a host agency to make your dreams of working in the travel industry come true? Read on for the pros and cons.

American Express Forecasts Business Travel 2016

American Express’s new Global Business Travel Forecast for 2016 predicts moderate growth in prices for air, hotel, and ground transportation in the corporate-travel market.

Delta Defends Paring of OTA Partners

Tim Mapes stands behind the move to restrict distribution to approved websites.

First Responders in Paris: An Insurance-Industry Perspective on Bataclan

When Universal Music Group sponsored a concert in Bataclan hall last weekend, no one envisioned how the night would unfold. Here’s an insurance-industry take on a corporate event gone terribly wrong.

Travel Agents See More Guests Choose Tours over Cruising

Land vacations make a comeback in the eternal seesaw with cruises.

Travelport Moves Toward a Single Desktop in Canada

Many Travelport subscribers in Canada use Agencia because of its relationship with Air Canada.

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