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Host Agencies: Finding the Right Fit

Before joining a host agency, experts advise carefully considering if the focus, company culture and support services are a good match for a travel agency’s own brand and goals.

Sabre CEO “Confident” in Wake of Lufthansa’s Surcharge Plan

Sabre Corp.’s CEO said he’s “confident” the GDS’ business will be fine despite Lufthansa’s announced intention to impose a €16 ($18.70) surcharge on GDS bookings beginning Sept. 1.

Fraud: Agents Are A Growing Target

Fraud is becoming an increasing and potentially costly problem for travel agents whether it involves  someone impersonating a legitimate agent or people making fraudulent bookings. At the recent Travel MarketPlace in Toronto, a WestJet exec spoke about Fraud Prevention – Everything an Agent Needs to Know to Protect Themselves.

Workforce Issues: Canada Agency Launches Plan to Retain Newcomers

Industry-wide efforts to tackle the agency industry’s workforce crisis are all well and good, but one young agency exec believes it’s up to employers to solve the problem. TravelMasters is set to launch its solution.

Greek Default: What it Means for Travel

At midnight on Tuesday, Greece became the first developed country to default on an IMF loan. Banks have closed and a restriction of 60 euros ($66) withdrawal from ATMs were put in place, as tough economic times continue for the country. But while everyday life in Greece has changed, travel to Greece appears to be unaffected.

Finding a Host Agency: Look Beyond the Commission Split

When it comes to selecting a host agency, there are many things to consider besides the commission split. Here’s what some industry experts advise.

Are you a Fam Addict?

Fam trips: all travel agents know about them and many find them enjoyable—and valuable. But too many fams may be dangerous to your (business) health, says travel agent and entrepreneur Tammy Levent. Here’s why.

How to Build and Grow Your Travel Agency Business

Meredith Hill, founder of the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE), told agents at the recent sold-out Travel MarketPlace conference in Toronto that the key to improving commissions is to improve their abilities. Entrepreneurs looking to start their own travel business from scratch, in particular, should focus on developing their skills.

Last-Minute Bookings: A Trend?

Many travel agents are witnessing an upswing in last-minute bookings. That can be a mixed bag; some agents say that when last minute shoppers realize they’ll have to pay more, they’re less likely to haggle if they have their heart set on traveling.

Land and Sea: Execs Say Agents Needed More than Ever

Cruise and land executives told travel agents at the recent Travel MarketPlace in Toronto that they need them more than ever given the changing travel landscape with its more specialized and unique products.

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Travel Market Report Trends: Uncoupling Fees

For agents who are just starting to sell [culinary travel], the first thing they want to do is identify within themselves what kind of cuisine they like and what they like to eat when they travel, then it's easier to explain that to a client.


Chris Grabar
CG Concierge Travel