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Case Study: Amex Biz Travel’s Home-Based Work Model

The vast majority of travel counselors at American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) are now home-based. The result has been greater flexibility and improved service, according to a company exec.

Trends: Take Advantage of a Client’s ‘Dream’ Period

Summer travelers tend to be more ambitious with vacations they book far in advance. For travel agents, that means capitalizing on this trend by helping clients in the winter months to pursue bigger summer travel “dreams,” says an exec. with travel marketing engine Sojern. The company just released its second quarter report on globally-trending destinations.

Global Biz Travel Spending to Reach a Record This Year

Global business travel spending will reach  a record $1.25 trillion this year, according to a study released at the Global Business Travel Association’s convention in Orlando.  China may be hitting some economic turbulence recently, but the country is still the driving force behind the healthy growth in business travel spending worldwide, the study said.

Concur’s TripLink to Capture Lufthansa Bookings

Lufthansa signed a deal to participate in Concur’s TripLink solution, providing  business travelers with access to the carrier’s negotiated fares and avoiding Lufthansa’s €16 surcharge on GDS bookings.

European Agency Group Files Complaint Against Lufthansa

The European travel agency association (ECTAA) filed a formal complaint with the European Commission (EU) against The Lufthansa Group (LHG), saying its planned surcharge on GDS bookings violates the GDS Code of Conduct.

Floored by a Client’s Special Request? Eight Tips That Will Help

Travel agents pride themselves on being niche market specialists, travel counsellors, industry veterans. So what to do when a client comes up with a special request and you have no idea what he or she is talking about? In his first column for Travel Market Report, consultant Steve Gillick offers eight suggestions that will help.

Expert to Agents: You Need to Use Social Media

Social media can be an intimidating tool for travel agents but they need to embrace it as part of their marketing plan, said a social media expert at last month’s Travel MarketPlace in Toronto.

Wellness for the Time-Challenged Exec

“Wellness vacations” are a promising new niche for wellness specialist travel agents with corporate clients. Here are four wellness retreats that cater to time-challenged executives.

Value-Seeking Millennials Turn To the Sharing Economy

Americans are generally more confident that they will be taking a vacation this summer, but they will be spending less on those vacations with the culprit being millennials turning to less expensive “sharing economy” alternatives like Airbnb, Uber and Home Away, according to  a recent survey.

Meet Cathy Moha: From Nursing to Travel

As if starting a new life in a foreign country isn’t enough of a challenge, Cathy Moha, also started a new career – in travel. She’s a former nurse from France.

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Travel Market Report Trends: Uncoupling Fees

Always try to provide your clients with their preference unless you know that there is a specific problem with the property or something else would better suit their needs.


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