Top Stories: Canada
Shared Economy Services May Be Losing Their Popularity

After three years of growing popularity, services like Airbnb and Uber may have reached a plateau in their likeliness to be booked by travelers.

Could Trade War Lead to Fewer Canadians Vacationing in U.S.?

In the press and on social media, Canadians are considering boycotting leisure travel to the U.S. in response to tariffs being imposed on Canadian products.

Specializing in Asia Could Be Lucrative for Your Travel Agency

Travel industry experts believe Canadian agents can build a strong niche business focusing on Asia as a destination.

Increased Education and Certification Could Increase Travel Agent Sales

Agents with higher sales revenues have taken the time for and made an investment in advanced training, educational institute says.

Travel Insurance May Not Cover High-Altitude Treks to Kilimanjaro, Everest

That travel insurance company your client loves so much may not cover their hike to Machu Picchu and other high-altitude treks.

Travel Agents Don’t Have to Go it Alone in a Crisis

Medical and emergency experts reminded travel advisors attending Travel MarketPlace East that there are numerous resources available to help their traveling clients if a crisis arises.

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