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Dear Travel Agent,
Welcome to the first Travel Market Report Supplier Report Card, our
close look at the practices of travel industry suppliers.
At the specific behest of our editorial advisory board, and speaking
for travel agents everywhere, our series of Report Cards will seek
out information about how the major suppliers in each sector of our
industry interact with travel professionals. We’ve started with one of
the most important sectors of all, the ocean cruise lines.
Our goal is to give you an easy, factual way to look up whatever you
need to know about any supplier; the policies and procedures of the
various suppliers regarding travel agents and consumers; and the
companies who are most supportive of the travel agent channel.
Through the 13 charts laid out in the following pages, we hope to have
provided you with a resource you can use when dealing with your
clients, and a side-by-side comparison of which cruise lines truly have
your best interests in mind.
Though not all cruise lines opted to participate in the project, we feel
that the Report Card includes all the lines who truly consider you to
be their most important partners, and who feel comfortable showing
you what they have to offer next to their biggest competitors. We hope
you agree.
We invite you to take a look, and to keep a copy close at hand
during your day-to-day dealings with clients and suppliers. As your
advocate, Travel Market Report always aims to do whatever we can
to keep you well informed, and we hope this Report Card continues
in that tradition.
Dan McCarthy, Senior Editor
Cheryl Rosen, Editor-in-Chief
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