Air Canada Celebrates International Sweatpants Day

by Daniel McCarthy
Air Canada Celebrates International Sweatpants Day

Photo: Air Canada.

Air Canada celebrated International Sweatpants Day last week by giving all 250 passengers on its longest non-stop flight, Vancouver to Melbourne, a set of sweatpants.

Air Canada partnered with Canada’s Roots brand to offer the sweatpants, along with a hoody and a passport holder, to its passengers on the flight, which crossed six different timezones.

“We believe that wherever your journey takes you, travel in comfort and style," said Karen Zuccala, Roots Vice President of Marketing. “Joining together with Air Canada to celebrate International Sweatpants Day was a perfect fit. This is one of the many exciting initiatives we have planned to continue to share our brand with the world.”

As part of the partnership, Roots is making a donation to the Air Canada Foundation's Hospital Transportation Program, which works to give children and families access to advanced medical treatments not available in their communities.

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