CSA Talks Identity Theft

by Richard D’Ambrosio

Just days after a large hotel operator announced a major potential identity theft event at 20 properties it manages, CSA Travel Protection reported about consumer issues with identity theft.

CSA's service is automatically included with most of CSA’s insurance products for a full 180 days, starting on the traveler’s scheduled departure date. Customers have access to this service on vacation, and after their trip, in case they don’t notice the theft until they arrive home.

The ID Theft Resolution Service includes notifying creditors about the fraud and possibly requesting to cancel affected cards and issue new ones, reporting the fraudulent activity to local authorities and forwarding a report to creditors.

CSA Travel Protection’s 24-Hour Emergency Assistance provider, Generali Global Assistance, will assist in notifying banks or other agencies if identification such as an ATM card, passport or driver’s license is stolen. It also includes credit monitoring for one year when a traveler has been a victim of identity theft. 

The company provides travelers with an ID Theft Resolution Kit, education about how ID theft happens and tips on protective measures for the future.

In the identity theft incident, HEI Hotels & Resorts said guests’ personal information may have been breached when the customers made payment card purchases at point-of-sale terminals, such as food and beverage outlets, at certain HEI managed properties.

The company said that malware “could have affected payment card data—including name, payment card account number, card expiration date, and verification code.”

In total, the breach impacted 12 Starwood hotels, 6 Marriott International hotels, a Hyatt hotel, and an InterContinental Hotels Group property. It is just the latest in a string of data breaches at major hotel companies around the world.

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