Sabre to Hike Help Desk Fee

by Michele McDonald

Sabre will raise the fee slightly for calls to its Global Support Center, commonly called the help desk, and it will apply the fee to all support channels in the Americas.

Effective March 16, the fees for billable calls and for requests for callbacks will be $10.50, up from $10. The 5% increase will apply globally.

Previously, Sabre waived the fees for some channels of assistance, but it is changing that policy for locations in the Americas.

The same service fee will apply regardless of the support channel.

Faster help
Locations in the Americas have a new way to reach the help desk, which Sabre said is faster. Assistance can be requested through a direct link available on the Support tab in Agency eServices or by clicking Sabre Support on Format Finder’s footer.

Sabre and Travelport introduced $10 help desk fees several years ago.

Amadeus began assessing an $8 fee on “some” agencies two years ago. Amadeus did not disclose how the agencies were selected, but it is believed they were agencies that overused the service.

Sabre noted that it provides a number of ways that agents can find answers to their questions.

It sunset Agent Stream in December and introduced Agent Connect, a new knowledge sharing and support community.

Asked—and answered
Agent Connect includes many of the features of Agent Stream, such as the ability to ask questions of other agents and support experts, get answers and share ideas and best practices. It also includes new features, such as notifications and real-time chat with other Sabre agents.

Agent Connect is accessed by clicking on the community tab in the Sabre Red Workspace or on the product page from Agency eServices.

Format Finder offers Quick Formats, Quick Tip videos and new search enhancements.

Personal Trainer offers a series of lessons about the Sabre system that are a maximum of 20 minutes long. They include interactive examples and demos.

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